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Who are we?

Voyage de Miel was the blog of a newly married couple gone on a world tour as a honeymoon. Now, the French couple is more grown-up and turned into a family with kids.

The travel advices have evolved accordingly. We went from being expats in London (and before this in New York and San Francisco), to backpacking around the world to then go on more organised trips with our family.

  • Clémentine is a children and travelling book’s author. Here is her writer’s website: She also works in publishing, specifically in sales. You might have already guessed, apart from travelling, she is passionate about reading and writing.  
  • Nicolas is a software engineer highly interested in web technologies. He loves cooking, learning new technologies and going on adventures!  

Clémentine has developped a lactose allergy when living in the USA but this doesn’t stop us from going on culinary adventures. We are always looking for lactose free and vegan options. If you are as well, have a look at our articles !

English is not our first language, even though we try our best and get friends to proofread our posts you might find mistakes. If you do so, it will be amazing if you could notify us in an email


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