Québec City is a charming destination. In addition, the day trips to go on in the surroundings are wonderful.

We had the chance to spend a month in Canada at the beginning of our world tour. It is such a beautiful country for a honeymoon. Our starting point was the city of Vancouver, we arrived there by boat from Alaska. After a few days in the mountains at Whistler, we took a plane to the East side and the city of Montréal.

Top 15 things to do during your stay in Québec

  1. Take a hike at the Jacques-Cartier National Park (and if you are lucky like us as you might see a moose with a baby)
  2. Drink a caribou (an enhanced mulled wine) and a “sortilège” (a maple syrup whiskey) at the Borgia Pub
  3. Stroll the streets of Old Québec and the “Place Royale”
  4. Watch the sunset over the Québec City from the “île d’Orléans” (and drool in front of the sublime houses of the island)
  5. Overdose with poutine (by trying all the sauces from Poutineville)
  6. Test your fear of heights at the Montmorency Falls
  7. Take the “traversier” ferry from Québec to Levis and enjoy a superb view of the city
  8. Visit the Wendake Native American Reserve (with the Discovery Package)
  9. Imagine yourself a century back in the lobby of castle “Château de Frontenac”
  10. Taste beavers tails (or 5)
  11. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas anytime of the year at the incredible Christmas shop “Boutique de Noël”
  12. Enjoy ice cider and local wines while wandering on the “île d’Orléans”
  13. Kayak down the Jacques-Cartier River
  14. Eat bison at the restaurants in the Wendake village
  15. Explore the Chaudière Falls Park

Our tips to visit Québec

Make sure to have a car available for excursions and choose carefully when to visit Québec. Indeed, in this part of Canada temperatures go from heat wave to North Pole style. Your experience of the fauna and flora will also depend on the season. We are glad we visited the area at the beginning of Autumn: the temperatures were mild and we had the chance to see moose. It is also the best time to observe the Fall foliage colours on the trees.

Some useful words in Québécois French

  • “Salut” : Hello
  • “Merci” : Thanks
  • “Pardon” : Sorry

If  you are already a French speaker, check out some differences between Québécois French and France French in the French version of this article.


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